Easy-to-use cable block tool end pulley

Main Components Item No.Model No.Rated Load(KN)Sheave ExternalDiameter(mm)Sheave Width(mm)Weight(kg)0446SH30J30Ф140365.30447SH50J50Ф160489.00448SH80J80Ф1805616.5Cable sheave with hook, cable block and tackle with hook        &n

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Main Components
Item No.Model No.Rated Load
Sheave External
Sheave Width

Cable sheave with hook, cable block and tackle with hook     
Uses: Apply to tighten up conductor.
Feature: Side plate can open and it is convenient for line construction.
Specification: Steel wire rope can not pass through. Hanger includes hook type, plate type and ring type. This is need indicated when customer place order. Special size can be customized.

Description of Cable pulley :
a. We manufacture a lot of models for different uses in the overhead transmission line construction.
b. They have are used to support conductors,OPGW,ADSS, communicatio lines.
c. The sheave of the pulley blocks are made from higth strength nylon,or aluminum materials ,and the frame of blocks are made of galvanized steel.The lateral ones are mounted on ball bearings.
Remarks:All kinds of pulley blocks can be manufactured according to the customers's requirements.
If any interested,please feel free to contact with us for more information,and we will try our best to comply with your requirements.
Packing&Delivery Time
1. Bulk Pack With Wooden Board Carton
2. Delivery time: Within 30 Days After Receiving The Payment

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