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2022-05-14 12:37:18 By : Mr. TEYES Factory

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Details on an IWC watch that's worth wearing during an F1 "jewelry ban," Outlier's experimental Bombtwill pant and Soundcore's take on a modern-day boombox.

You ever hear of a brewery buying up a country club? Yeah, we haven't either. New England's Tree House Brewing recently announced on Instagram that it is purchasing Tewksbury Country Club in Massachusetts, with plans to convert the space into "an expansive and inviting beer hall and retail store" while still running the actual golf course and all the related amenities. As the brand stated in the announcement, it's an opportunity for it to showcase it's various teams across brewing, coffee roasting, distilling, farming, cooking and more." For those in the greater Boston area (especially craft beer fanatics), it'll be exciting to see how this unique project evolves as it's built out. Today, we have details on an IWC watch that's worth wearing during an F1 "jewelry ban," Outlier's experimental Bombtwill pant and Soundcore's take on a modern-day boombox. This is Today in Gear.

Star F1 driver Lewis Hamilton might have to bend to the FIA for its new "jewelry ban" for drivers, but that didn't stop him from wearing a special release, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 edition of IWC's Pilot's Chronograph 41 (as well as two other watches) as form of rebellion at a recent pre-race press conference. The "Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team" Pilot's Chronograph 41 watch features a black face accented (on the strap and indices) with the team's signature teal green. The case is fashioned from grade 5 titanium and runs on WC's 69385 chronograph movement.

...Bombtwill, that is. Outlier's Experiment 313 is the Bombtwill Paraglider pant, a seriously souped-up take on traditional M-65 cargos. Bombtwill is an upgrade from the brand's Supertwill fabric, made from Supplex yarns (which are made from tightly-woven set of nylon fibers). The end result is built to be incredibly durable but breathable material that facilitates airflow. Finished with F0 Zelan R3 DWR coating, the pant should be more than just abrasion-resistant, but water-resistant too.

Jeep's latest collaboration isn't much to do with cars, but it might be useful for your next off-road adventure. Teaming up with Igloo, this Jeep-co-signed set of 7 ounce Playmate coolers is built to hold nine 12-ounce cans. Whether you're keeping your drinks cool on a drive into the wilderness or just need a nifty (and classic) case for your next picnic, this Igloo cooler manages to embody Jeep's legacy of exploration.

MiiR has tapped photographer and artist Chris Burkard to be the focus of the latest iteration of its "Artist in Residence" series. Known for his work exploring expansive environments, breathtaking landscapes and our relationship with nature, MiiR leverages Burkard's work to create a printed suite of products (a 12 ounce Camp Cup, a 16 ounce Tumbler and a 32 ounce WM Bottle) that's inspired by Icelandic glaciers and glacial rivers. With a portion of sales going towards non-profit Outdoor Outreach, it's also a great way to give back and expose a new generation to the beauty of a life spent outdoors.

Soundcore's Motion Boom Plus may technically be a "portable speaker," but it only takes one look to know that this is a modern-day boombox. Packing two 30W woofers and two 10W tweeters, this boombox has 20 hours of playback. Don't worry about bringing along a CD case either; it's able to connect directly via Bluetooth 5.3 or via a standard aux cable. Able to be carried thanks to an detachable strap and IP67-rated water and dustproof, this speaker is the foundation of a portable party — wherever you are.